Guest lecturer for Patrick Whitney’s Design of Social Innovation course at Harvard School of Public Health  December 2017


What’s New with Dataverse UX & UI?  June 2017

Presentation to the Dataverse Community at the 2017 community meeting  – slides


Guest lecturer for Lisa Paradis’ Health Communication Strategies class  February 2017

Principles & Practices for Communicating Data Visually


Harvard IQSS Tech Talk December 2016

The Meta-Principles of Visual Interface Design: Consistency, Hierarchy, and Personality


Invited speaker at Harvard University ABCD WWW meeting October 2014

Visual Usability


Invited speaker at ConveyUX conference February 2014

Tips for Talking About Visual Design for UX


Invited speaker at Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology  August 2013

Three Key Visual Principles for Digital UX


Workshop presenter at UXPA Boston October 2013

Visual Design Principles & Practices for Web and Mobile Apps


Workshop presenter at UXPA International (Washington, DC) July 2013

Visual Design Principles & Practices for Web and Mobile Apps


Visual Usability – Principles and Practices for Designing Digital Applications  May 2013

Book published by Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN-10: 0123985366


Guest lecturer for Tufts University School of Medicine Health Communication program Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Fall 2013

Visual design for UX overview

Lisa Gualtieri’s Health Communication class


Workshop presenter at Boston CHI professional development day 2011

Boston CHI one-day session on visual design for user interfaces.