Tania Schlatter

Design leader, educator & author

I lead UX & UI research and design efforts for products in development at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. Products developed at IQSS help academic researchers compute, analyze, share, and archive data, and include Dataverse, an open source data repository software with over 55 installations worldwide.

I also teach interaction and information design part-time at Northeastern University. Previously, I co-owned Nimble Partners, a UX design consulting firm, was a design advisor at MIT, and led a design team at ATG.

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Research & Design

Story map for new Dataverse features
DataTags work in progress

Planning the integration of the DataTags classification system and other new features into Dataverse.

Dataverse UX & UI
DataTags work in progress

Work in progress to improve usability, scaleability, and accessibility.

Consilience UX & UI
Consilience web app UX recommendations

Consilience is an experimental web application that facilitates analysis and discovery of large document sets. It is based on a well-known article, and participatory design sessions with social science researchers.

Product design for political social media startup reASSEMBLE.co
reAssemble political social media web app mobile reAssemble political social media web app

Web application UX & UI designed to promote civil discourse on divicive topics. Developed and launched with two founders; an entrepreneur and a law professor.


Interactive Information Design 2
mfan concept by Matt Salerno mfan concept by Matt Salerno

Students observe interactions and information needs in a public space and design ways to improve them.
Shown: "MFan" concept for enhancing a visit to Boston's MFA, by Matt Salerno

Designing Infographics
Student infographic: Explaining Henry VII by Gil Pocaterra Student infographic: Women in the olympic by Natasha Taylor

Students work with datasets and information to find insights and design visual data stories.
Shown: "Explaining Henry: A 46 Year Quest to Produce a Male Heir" by Gil Pocaterra, "Evolution of Female Participation in the Summer Olympics" by Natasha Taylor

Interaction Design 1
Student scrapbook web application UI design concept byTia Thompson Student scrapbook web application UI design concept byTia Thompson

Students learn and apply design principles through project work. They conduct user research, and develop a concept for a responsive web application that involves tracking something. Work includes coding a basic prototype, and UI design.
Shown: Memory Box by Tia Thompson


Advancing computational reproducibility in the Dataverse data repository platform

Forthcoming. In The 3rd International Workshop on Practical Reproducible Evaluation of Systems (P-RECS). A. Trisovic, P. Durbin, T. Schlatter, G. Durand, S. Barbosa, D. Brooke, M. Crosas

The paper explains the current situation for researchers, and how we address it in Dataverse software.

Expanding the Discourse: Future Practices in Scholarly Publishing

Decipher Vol. 1., 2019, by Jessica Barness and Amy Papaelias with Tania Schlatter

Speculative essay on design research repositories that came out of the AIGA Design Educator's workshop.

Visual Usability

Morgan Kaufman, 2013, with Deborah Levinson

Digital design work involves constantly reconciling use and appearance. This isn't a new or novel struggle; it's inherent to designing, and evident in the gap between applications that look great and those that are highly functional. The book helps web application designers and developers understand visual interface characteristics, and how to make them appeal to, and communicate with people. Published in English and Chinese. doi.org/10.1016/C2012-0-00687-4

Tumblr site

Debby and I ran workshops based on the principles in the book at the International UXPA conference and Boston CHI.

Visual Usability book cover image


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