Tania Schlatter

Research, Strategy, and Design Leadership for Digital Products & Communications

I lead strategy and design efforts using a human-centered approach, and expert interaction, visual interface, and information design skills. I collaborate with stakeholders, technical, and product managers, facilitate and conduct research, direct and test prototypes, plan and organize information, and lead visual UI system design for complex digital products and communications.

Currently I lead UX & UI work at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University and teach interaction and information design courses at Northeastern University. Previously, I co-owned Nimble Partners, a UX design consulting firm.

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Research & Design

Story map for new Dataverse features
DataTags work in progress

Integrating the DataTags classification system into the Dataverse digital archive platform

UI recommendations based on user research
Consilience web app UX recommendations

User research and recommendations for facilitating large document set text analysis for researchers using the Consilience web app

Information Architecture for Harvard Dataverse
Diagram of sites for Harvard Dataverse

Defining content and structure for a custom Home page and supporting sites for Harvard Dataverse


Interactive Information Design 2
mfan concept by Matt Salerno

Students observe interactions and information needs in a public space and design ways to improve them.
Shown: "MFan" concept for enhancing a visit to Boston's MFA, by Matt Salerno

Designing Infographics
Student infographic: Women in the olympic by Natasha Taylor

Students work with datasets to find insights and design visual data stories.
Shown: Evolution of Female Participation in the Summer Olympics by Natasha Taylor

Interaction Design 1
Student scrapbook web application UI design concept byTia Thompson Student scrapbook web application UI design concept byTia Thompson

Students learn interaction design principles through project work. They conduct user research and develop a concept for a responsive web application, including html/css coding and UI design.
Shown: Memory Box by Tia Thompson

Visual Usability Book

I co-wrote "Visual Usability: Principles and Practices for Designing Digital Applications" to help web application designers and developers understand visual interface characteristics and how to make them appeal to, communicate with, and work successfully for people. Published in English and Chinese.

My co-author and I have presented professional workshops based on the principles in the book at the International UXPA conference and to Boston CHI.

Visual Usability book cover image

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